Stress reduction with the Amazon Alexa Skill “BKK VBU Waldbaden”

Bring the forest to your home – this is the motto under which the voice agents and the BKK VBU have worked closely together over the past few months. The result is the Alexa skill “BKK VBU Forest bathing“, Which went live a few days ago.

Alexa Skill BKK VBU forest bathing for stress relief and relaxation

The voice agents (full service provider in the field of digital language assistants from Stuttgart) and the BKK VBU (health insurance company from Berlin) have worked closely together over the past few months and developed an Amazon Alexa Skill, which should help reduce stress and immerse you in the wonderful atmosphere of the Immersed in the forest.

The BKK VBU skill Forest bathing offers you the opportunity to enjoy a high quality forest bathing experience at any place and at any time. Come to rest, recharge your batteries – this audio experience takes care of that.

By the way, forest bathing comes from Japanese – that’s why it is also known as “Shinrin Yoku”. It is a natural healing method that is being practiced more and more frequently in this country.

How to activate the skill “Forest bathing of the BKK VBU” for Alexa

You can use the skill very easily and straightforwardly with the voice command: “Alexa, start forest bathing”
activate and open. If you want to start it with a click of the mouse, we also have a so-called quick link for you:

To use the quick link, you only have to log in with your Amazon account and then you can directly select the device on which the skill should be executed. Don’t worry, the link is really trustworthy, your login details are safe and we don’t make any money with it if you activate the skill.

What can you expect from the Alexa Skill Forest Bathing?

As soon as you have opened the skill, Alexa will greet you and ask if you have a guided
Want to do forest meditation or prefer to listen to forest noises.
If you choose the guided forest meditation, three relaxation journeys await you
between 5 min. and 20 min. through the forest, written exclusively for this skill and
were recorded. The gentle words are backed by soft and calming words
Forest noises. An authentic forest experience for relaxation in nature – even if you do
there is no forest nearby.

If you choose the “Listen to forest noises” option, you can use Alexa to set the timer
Let it set between 5 and 60 minutes. Then it starts. Five different sounds
are on offer – depending on your taste and easy to navigate with “next” and “back”.
The chirping of birds, rain, rustling leaves and light wind promise a stress-free break
from everyday life. And if you have to get back from the forest earlier than you thought, just say: “Alexa, stop”.

A few tips for using the skill

Before you dive into the world of relaxation with forest bathing, make sure that you are not disturbed
will. Put your phone on mute or on airplane mode and choose a place where you can rest
come Set your Alexa to a comfortable volume. Make forest bathing a little
daily ritual – it will help you reduce or prevent stress.
We wish you nice and relaxing moments with our forest bathing skill.

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If you want to exchange ideas or discuss the Alexa Skill Forest Bathing, then take a look at our “Smart Speaker Group”On Facebook. There you will find a huge community with which you can exchange ideas on all smart speaker topics!

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