This is how Google wants to help people with speech problems

Google remains committed to making life easier for people with disabilities through the development of appropriate technologies that help reduce gaps with respect to other people.

In this sense, the company is now looking for English-speaking volunteers in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States to test a new Android app, called Project Relate, which comes under the objective of help people with speech difficulties due to different types of neurological conditions, to be able to communicate better, and be understood by others.

One more barrier in the process of reduction thanks to technology

The idea of Google is to form a team of volunteers who They will be given early access to this application to improve the algorithm of machine learning by recording a series of sentences so that the algorithm itself can better understand unique speech patterns, in addition to providing the pertinent comments on the bugs, improvements and other elements that can be applied to the application before being taken to the general public.

Project Relate has three main functions with which you will try to achieve your goal: Listen, Repeat and Assistant.

According to Google, Listening is the function in charge of perform a voice-to-text transcription in real time. The idea behind this feature is to enable people to use the text generated in the transcript to be read directly by others or paste it into other mobile applications.

Repeat is the function that allows generate a clear and synthesized locution by what is said via voice by the people themselves, seeking to facilitate face-to-face conversations, or even facilitate interaction with the Assistant.

And finally there is also the function Assistant, that from the application, people can communicate with the Google Assistant to carry out the usual tasks such as turning on the lights, starting the playback of a favorite musical theme, etc.

Google comments that among its staff there are also people with speech difficulties, as is the case of Aubrie Lee, brand manager, who because of her muscular dystrophy, shares that:

I’m used to people’s faces when they can’t understand what I’ve said

With the arrival of the application, which also helped to find its current name:

Project Relate can make the difference between a look of confusion and a friendly laugh of recognition.

Those interested in being part of the volunteer team will only have to fill out a form at, and in the coming months they will be able to be part of it that will help an application that comes as a continuation years after Google’s research and speech teams.

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