Volvo presents the first ultrafast station in the center of Milan: how much does it cost to recharge?

To better deal with it electrical switch expected in 2035, in the automotive field, of course, Italy is in desperate need of high-speed charging stations. Volvo, in collaboration with COIMA, is setting a good example by presenting the first ultrafast charging station in the center of Milan.

The new Volvo Recharge ultrafast station it is located in the Portanuova district and is equipped with one Delta UFC200 column with two DC charging sockets, capable of charging a vehicle up to 150 kW. The energy supplied also comes from hydroelectric plants in Dolomites Energy, it is therefore renewable and sustainable.

Until November 30, 2021 it will be possible to top up at the station with a Plugsurfing (or Duferco) account, but subsequently other providers will also be able to use the charging station. With Plugsurfing the price will be 0.35 euros / kWh for all brands, at least at this early stage of the project, non-Volvo electric cars will soon have a higher rate.

Speaking of charging services, Volvo also announced ELECTRICity, a service dedicated to residents and companies in the Portanuova area. We speak of a flotta di 15 Volvo XC40 Recharge Full Electric (a model that stands pushing Volvo’s electric sales up), with each car that can be rented for a time ranging from one hour to 3 days. After three and a half hours of use, the daily rate is already triggered, which promises to be quite advantageous.

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