WhatsApp is now accessible on a computer without a smartphone, how to install it?

The instant chat platform can now be used directly on a computer, without first having to keep your phone nearby.

Until now, to use WhatsApp on a computer, it was necessary to pair an active smartphone with your PC. Concretely, in addition to having to renew the operation regularly, the telephone had to remain nearby, and especially to be connected permanently. The computer then only played the role of interface, which it must be admitted was sorely lacking in ergonomics. Accessible since 2016, the application will finally have an independent version.

From now on, WhatsApp will make life easier for Internet users, by allowing access to the platform on a computer, without requiring a nearby smartphone. This feature, long claimed by users should now be accessible to all, the US firm said in a statement.

How to use WhatsApp on computer?

To use WhatsApp on a computer, you will first need to link a smartphone account to a computer. To do this, all you need to do is update the latest version of the mobile application, and access the settings via the three dots located at the top right of the interface. Then select “Linked devices”, then “Multi-device beta”. You will then be offered to join the beta of the application. From there, all you need to do isaccess WhatsApp in Web, Desktop or Portal version, by scanning the QR Code from a phone.

By opting for this beta version, it is however good to note that the functionality is still in the experimentation phase, and that “Performance and quality may be affected”. In addition, it is for the moment necessary to use the latest version of WhatsApp from your smartphone, and to make sure that your interlocutor has done the same, otherwise it will be impossible to send or receive messages and messages. calls.

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