An app that transforms garbage into t-shirts, activities and trips

To encourage garbage collection and recycling, the Israeli government has decided to launch an app for citizens to collect points as they collect trash left on the ground.

Those points can be exchanged for goods, something that is helping clean up cities and forests.

For each bag that is filled with garbage, 10 virtual coins are earned that can be exchanged for products of the participating companies. Since there is a huge amount of garbage everywhere (Israel is among the top producers of garbage per capita in the world), we are talking about a large number of currencies.

In the app, Clean Coin, a map with key points appears, places with trash reported by users. The app informs about how many bags are needed approximately to collect it and the amount of credit that can be earned with the work. At the moment there are already more than 16,000 users, with more than 1,000 active per week.

Users, as they use the app, are earning points and unlocking different levels, growing in the ranking, as if it were a game.

The “clean coins” can be exchanged for various things, such as t-shirts at a surf shop, vouchers to participate in indoor climbing, and hotel stays, among other options.

Logically, this is not the definitive solution, you have to find solutions so that people understand that the ground is not a container, so that they move to the right places to throw the garbage after enjoying a picnic, but that is something a lot harder to come by these days, hunting garbage for items seems, unfortunately, much more attractive.

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