Apple is improving the situation of service personnel with a software update

Hardware replacement of the Face ID microcontroller would be very difficult, but is said to be unnecessary.


Last week, in connection with a disassembly article about iFixit, news emerged that the display service on the iPhone 13 series becomes more complicated, because the ribbon cable of the factory display includes a completely unique Face ID chip encoded in the device, and the replacement of the part due to the placement in the ribbon cable and the many small connecting pins is extremely difficult even under service conditions and does not promise 100% security at all . The chip will only be able to be coded in software by factory service and their authorized partners, but there are very few of them in most parts of the world, but now it seems that Apple did not want to make things difficult for small services, so they will update the restriction.

The security module in question
The security module in question [+]

Directly, the manufacturer has told The Verge editorial that an iOS update will be released that will allow Face ID to work without a chip replacement after the display is replaced.

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