Crazy prices for the Razer Viper mini gaming mouse!

If you fancy a new gaming mouse? The Razer Viper mini is currently on sale at Amazon!

What if you took the opportunity to upgrade your setup? Especially since it’s back to school, which heralds great promotions like the Razer Viper mini. A dedicated gaming mouse that will dramatically change your gameplay in order to achieve the rank of absolute master. Do not wait any longer and come and acquire the Razer Viper mini at Amazon at a price of 24.99 euros, this is the lowest price found!

Take advantage of the offer at Amazon

A small, powerful, ergonomic and inexpensive gaming mouse

While many gamers like to own a large gaming mouse, some of them prefer small mice. If you are in this case, your next mouse is bound to be this Razer Viper mini. Thanks to its size, and its weight, your gameplay will be very different than usual. The latter will be very responsive, which will give you an advantage that should not be overlooked when you are in competitive games like Battlefield, Call of Duty or Overwatch. Moreover, its laser sensor will allow you to considerably increase the sensitivity of the mouse, up to 8,500 DPI, up to 300 IPS and up to 35 G. In short, it is the perfect mouse for people. , or rather gamers who absolutely want to increase the reflexes in the game.

Apart from that, you will therefore find a Razer Viper mini, very small (hence its name). This will allow you to accompany it with a desktop computer, a laptop or even a MacBook (or an iMac). The Razer Mouse is plug & play, which doesn’t limit it to any peripheral. In terms of design, it consists of six buttons programmable at will and of course, a completely insane longevity – count 50 million clicks.

A gaming mouse cut for power and fluidity of movement awaits you at Amazon. Although it has a wire, yes it is not wireless, it is still one of the most popular mice for gamers, especially those who play competitive video games. To acquire this monster (do not be fooled by its hourglass figure), there is nothing simpler.

Take advantage of the offer at Amazon

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