Discord could include support for NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the future

Discord has become home to several communities dedicated to NFTs and the world of blockchain. From the company behind this platform they have become aware of that, hinting at possible plans to deepen their presence in the area.

Jason Citron, CEO and founder of Discord, shared on Twitter a screenshot showing the platform’s integration with MetaMask and WalletConnect, two popular crypto wallets in between.

Discord begins to get closer to the blockchain

Without offering more context on the social network, Citron shared this screenshot with the mentioned integrations.

Later, some more information was released through the media. “We are always exploring and hacking things that we believe will improve Discord for all the communities we serve”, a Discord spokesperson pointed out to TechCrunch, adding that the screenshot was from a test conducted at a recent hackathon.

This is no more than a mere experiment, as Discord recently issued a poll to its users in which they were consulted about their perception of NFT technology and the Web3, which among other aspects is committed to the ownership and decentralization of data.

This survey is part of the recent consolidation of communities dedicated to the blockchain within Discord, where updates are shared, sales are tracked and, in general, market movements through dedicated servers on the platform. Also, this digital channel has been used as a point of exchange for NFTs (or rather, of coordination to carry out transactions on external platforms).

From now on, it is presumed that Discord could consider the implementation of transactions in Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies on its platform. Judging by the integration of MetaMask specifically, plus the previously known antecedents, it can be believed that this initiative could be aligned with more ambitious goals, since Ethereum in addition to being used as a monetary transaction unit, also acts as the technical axis for most of the Today’s NFTs, who use this blockchain technology for their commercialization and identification.

It will take time to see something more concrete, probably, but between the Citron tweet and the survey issued by Discord, there was a clear intention to penetrate more strongly in this area, polarizing the opinions of its users between approvals and rejections of this option.

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