Google Maps is updated for iPhone, and already includes Dark Mode: this is how it is activated

IPhone users received an update to Google Maps yesterday and, as of now, it already allows use Dark Mode in the app, something that already it could be done on Android.

The Dark Mode that Google Maps allows will help combat visual fatigue that a clear subject can cause us when driving at night, in addition to not be dazzled in the dark.

As we also need less bright light on the screen, we can help reduce battery consumption at the time of using the application with the dark theme.

How is Dark Mode activated on our iPhone?

Google Maps Dark Way

Even if you have the updated application, the Dark Mode of Google Maps does not activate automatically in iOS, but with these simple steps you can have it available on your device:

  • The first thing you should do is open the app and, once inside, click on the image in the upper right corner, which would take us to our profile.
  • Once our profile, we must click on ‘Settings’.
  • Here you should search ‘Other Maps settings’ and the first option is Dark Mode, which is disabled as standard.
  • Now you can choose between three possibilities: ‘Activated’, ‘Off’ or ‘Same as on device’.
  • Select your favorite and hit the upper left arrow to go back and save your preferences.

Thanks to this, if our preference on the phone is to always have the dark mode active or to change it automatically when it gets dark, the Google Maps application It will be adapted to the preferences of each user.

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