Hydrogen infrastructure for trucks: Daimler Truck allies itself with total energy

The commercial vehicle manufacturer Daimler Truck allies for Hydrogen truck with the French energy giant Totalenergies. To set up a hydrogen infrastructure for heavy trucks, an agreement was signed, as the companies jointly announced.

In future technology, Daimler trucks and total energy want to play a leading role, according to their own admission. Daimler Truck had already made it clear to rely on fuel cells and batteries in the transition from internal combustion engines to new drives. The company sees itself as the world market leader for commercial vehicles and employs over 100,000 people.

The two groups want to cooperate in the procurement of hydrogen and the development of hydrogen trucks. Totalenergies plans to “operate directly or indirectly up to 150 hydrogen filling stations in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France” by 2030.

Cooperation with Shell too

For its part, Daimler Truck also wants to deliver hydrogen-powered fuel cell trucks to its customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France by 2025. A spokesman for Daimler Truck added on request that a cooperation with the Shell energy company has already been initiated for Germany in particular.

Daimler Truck is to be spun off from Daimler and put on the stock exchange by Christmas – an exact date has not yet been set. Daimler had already entered the battery cell alliance of Stellantis and Totalenergies in September to supply its electric cars, thereby considerably strengthening a Franco-German showcase project. (dpa / gem)

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