Login for: winners and losers in the TÜV report 2022: Mercedes GLC again king of defects

The models of German car manufacturers do well in the TÜV Report 2022. Many segments and age groups dominate them. But there are also surprising losers.


Leaves the competition behind: The Mercedes GLC has the fewest defects in the TÜV Report 2022. (Photo: Daimler)

The Mercedes GLC has repeated its success from the past few years. In the TÜV Report 2022, the SUV performed again with the fewest defects. The inspection service providers found a defect rate of 1.5 percent for the two to three-year-old vehicles. The Mercedes B-Class (1.9 percent) and the Volkswagen T-Roc (2.0 percent) also made it onto the podium. “They are good …

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