Netflix has a host of anime in stock for 2022

During Netflix Japan, the platform announced the majority of its upcoming animated productions. There is plenty to do.

This Monday, November 9, Netflix put anime on the front of the stage. The platform, which multiplies its forays into the genre, took advantage of its second Japan Festival to present the productions that will be on the program for the coming years. Rejoice, there are many.

Wanting to position itself in a flourishing market, in the land of the rising sun at first and also all over the world, the N rouge does not skimp on new content and reboots. For this, Netflix announces that it has recruited some of the most famous directors. The platform collaborates in particular with Yoshihiro Mori (We Couln’t Become Adults), Hitori Gekidan (Asakusa Kid) as well as with Colorido studios (Away from me, close to you Where Drifting Home).

Here is the list of announced projects:

  • The Seven Deadly Sins : Grudge of Edingburg : in 2022 for the first part.

This animated film is thought to be a spin-off from the Seven Deadly Sins animated series, which was produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Tensai Okamura with a handwritten script by Shotaro Suga. The creator of the Shonen manga will be involved in the project and should write the screenplay for this new adventure. As a reminder, she follows the adventures of Elizabeth Liones, a young girl who goes in search of mysterious knights called the Seven Deadly Sins. They were chosen by the king himself, ten years earlier, to foil a conspiracy by the sacred knights against royalty.

  • Kakegurui Twin : in August 2022

Prequel to the Kakegurui series, this new production will focus on Mary Saotome a year before Yumeko Jabami’s transfer to her school. The manga series on which this new production is based takes place in a prestigious academy where students have adopted their own hierarchy, based on their gambling skills.

  • Tiger & Bunny 2 : in April 2022

In the town of Sternbild, humans with superhuman abilities called NEXT use their powers to keep the peace. Sponsored by companies, they help solve crimes to improve the image of their businesses and acquire hero points. But as a new hero arrives in Sternbild, will Kotetsu and Barnaby live up to the expectations of the city’s citizens?

  • Super Crooks : November 25

Centered on the supervillain Johnny Bolt and his friends, the plot follows the merry gang as they decide to go to Spain to prepare a huge heist. However, things get complicated when they discover that their target is none other than the greatest criminal in history. But these robbers are not like those at La Casa De Papel, to name a few, since they have superpowers. Unlike the heroic figures of Marvel or DC, they have decided to put their extraordinary abilities at the service … for their own good. Not models of virtue then. The series inspired by Mark Millar’s comics will be released on November 25.
The Orbital Children : 28 janvier 2022

In the year 2045, as artificial intelligence has made great headway and everyone can travel through space as they wish, children born on the Moon and on Earth meet on the Anshin space station, built in Japan. The six episodes of this new series will be available worldwide from January 22.

  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure STONE OCEAN : December 1 on Netflix

The new season of the hit series is not far away. Netflix took advantage of the online conference to give a release date, as well as a description of the 12 episodes that will be put online on that date. This will be the first Netflix-exclusive season, having aired on Wakanim and Crunchyroll.

It should also be noted that two Detective Conan spin-offs are on the program, and that they should join the platform as early as next year, even if Netflix has not specified the exit windows that were chosen. Patience therefore.

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