Netflix will show short TikTok-style videos for kids

Netflix is ​​thinking of a new proposal for the smallest of the house. In the coming days, Netflix will publish short TikTok-style videos to promote its children’s content.

So children will see these clips when browsing the Netflix app and can respond with emoticons to the content of the video. And of course, they will have options to add the suggested program to their lists or start viewing it.

New Netflix feature for the little ones

You may remember that Netflix launched a new content format in its iOS app a few months ago. What he called “Fast Laughs” are short 15- to 45-second videos with comedy content. Yes, short TikTok-style clips to get you some smiles as you browse the app. And of course, to promote its catalog of series and movies.

And now he plans to implement a similar dynamic with the little ones. As mentioned Bloomberg, Netflix will launch “Kids Clips” for young people to discover content on the platform in a more fun way.

So by means of these short videos we will show fragments of the Netflix library, such as movies, series and different programs dedicated to children. As with “Fast Laughs”, they can react to content with emoticons, add the show to their list or start watching it right away.

It could be a strategy that could work, since children and young people are used to the dynamics of short videos that platforms offer with TikTok. In this case, the Netflix videos will be displayed horizontally and will fill the entire screen.

While they try not to harm the experience of children when they search for their favorite content, Netflix could show you 10 to 20 clips at most. In a first stage, this new Netflix proposal will be launched in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia and some Latin American countries.

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