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Twitter Blue, Twitter’s subscription service for exclusive capabilities, continues to grow in benefits and scope. In regards within reach, this service is now coming to the US and New Zealand after months of only being in Canada and Australia.

And in addition to iOS, it is also available for Android and the web, although in the case of Android, users will not be able to benefit for the moment from many of the features presented today.

And it is that within them, Twitter Blue premieres access to third-party publications without advertisingSome 300 publications from the United States participate in this function, with the idea of ​​expanding in the future to publishers in other markets.

The idea is similar to that offered by Scroll before its closing due to the acquisition by Twitter, offer access to advertising-free content in exchange for the subscription, for which publishers receive a percentage of the income for this concept.

Twitter Blue subscribers will know when a post participates in this initiative thanks to the “No Ads with Twitter Blue” tag.

This will be a feature that device users will not be able to enjoy at the moment. Android. Of course, being a subscriber to Twitter Blue does not make it possible to access content under payment gateways, for which subscribers will need to be subscribers of those media that offer their articles under payment gateways.

On the other hand, comes the Undo Tweet feature, giving users about 60 seconds of preview of their tweets to make changes or corrections before finally making them public.

Twitter Blue also debuts Featured Articles, which is a list of featured articles shared by users who are being tracked, with renewals every 24 hours. At the moment it will be available on Android and on the Web to be later also on iOS.

Also comes the customization of the navigation bar, to include those elements of the application that you want to have more accessible, Although it initially comes to iOS again to expand to other platforms in the future, although custom themes will be an exclusive feature for users of iOS devices.

At the moment there will be no ad-free experience in the feed for those who are Twitter Blue subscribers, nor is it currently contemplated.

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