Rolls-Royce to develop small modular nuclear reactors to create green energy thanks to the British Government

The United Nations Conference on Change Climate –COP26– held in Glasgow (United Kingdom) has once again put on the table, among others, the nuclear energy debate. One of the voices in favor of this energy is that of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who to promote your most immediate plans seeks to increase its nuclear capacity.

In this sense, the British Government has just granted a millionaire grant to Rolls Royce (not to be confused with BMW-owned Rolls-Royce Motor Cars), which has an ongoing study and development program for small modular reactors or SMR -Small Modular Reactors-, with the aim of achieving clean and low-cost energy.

A pioneering project

In the project for the development of the so-called “Rolls-Royce SMRs”, the British aircraft engine manufacturer works mainly together with two partners: BNF Resources UK Limited and Exelon Generation Limited (a US specialist in nuclear energy).

The three companies have already received a capital injection of 195 million pounds (226 million euros) from private investors, to which are now added the 210 million pounds (243 million euros) to be assigned to the project by the British Government.

This public grant to the project comes through research and development funds, within the framework of Johnson’s “Ten-Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution”, which seeks by all means to reduce the country dependence on gas and other fossil fuels.

In total, the SMR project currently has about 470 million euros. However, both Rolls-Royce and its partners will continue to seek more investment lines for this pioneering project, and they hope that the first fruits can begin to be harvested in the next decade.

According to Tom Samson, CEO of Rolls-Royce, the technology that its SMR implements “is a solution that can supply clean energy at a competitive cost and scalable for multiple applications: from electricity production for grid and industry to manufacture of hydrogen and synthetic fuels”.

The three partners hope that their SMR project will lead to the creation of some 40,000 jobs looking forward to 2050. The project’s “transformative” approach to nuclear power delivery is unique and relies on predictable factory-built components.

In addition, creating a development plant for SMR is much less expensive compared to the initial costs involved in a nuclear power plant. According to Rolls-Royce, a single power plant with SMR technology will occupy the space of two soccer fields and “will be able to supply approximately a million homes”.

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