SitYEA, an application to correct the posture with which we sit in front of the computer

Sitting with poor posture at the computer can have serious health consequences. In the first instance, they could be specific discomforts, but over time these could become more serious physical conditions.

The routine work that is done at a desk, especially during long hours, sometimes causes us to stop paying attention to the way we sit. And even more so if there is fatigue involved, the chances of maintaining poor body posture increase.

SitYEA, a posture corrector that uses the computer webcam

Historically, office work and now last, teleworking, led to a sedentary lifestyle. This translates into long hours spent in a chair and in front of a computer.

The repercussions on the health of people who work under this modality are always a threat, at different levels. Specifically with respect to the use of chairs, poor posture can generate from isolated back pain to a more complex condition such as back pain, kyphosis or torticollis.

To avoid the bodily harm that could be generated in this context, software offers a practical solution: monitoring our posture through the computer’s camera.

SitYEA, available for Windows, monitors the posture of whoever uses the computer, with the ability to issue alerts about poor posture in real time. In addition, it provides rest reminders, some workspace optimization guides and statistics of the postures held during the day, using a graph that indicates the volume of time in which correct, slightly correct and incorrect postures were maintained.

The work of this application is done locally. The application processes the data on the same computer, through a system of artificial intelligence algorithms specially prepared for this task. This condition, in addition to guaranteeing the pertinent privacy, allows SitYEA to function without an Internet connection.

To obtain greater precision with the analysis, this tool is compatible with 3D webcams, capable of measuring factors such as width, height, area and volume of captured bodies. However, this tool works flawlessly with conventional webcams.

The application is priced at € 1.99 in the Windows App Store. However, as it is a recent release, a free 7-day trial period was also enabled. More details can be found in

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