Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S: new ‘Xiaomi’ heater costs less than €100

Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S is the latest convector heater from the Xiaomi ecosystem to arrive in Portugal. It is an intelligent heater, with special attention to design, durability, ease of use and good value for money.

More specifically, the new heater costs less than €100, is IPX4 certified which makes it suitable for use in the bathroom (WC) as well as in any other room. It has a maximum power of 2200 W and high thermal efficiency.

The Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S heater costs less than €100

Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S

A Smartmi is a brand of home appliances and IoT of the Xiaomi ecosystem, independent of the former motherhouse. It stands out for its useful and elegant products in order to provide products that are beautiful and smart, excellent value and easy to use, such as the new electric heater.

Highlights are the high thermal efficiency and a maximum power of 2200W. This allows quick heating of any room with a constant temperature between 16-32 °C, a strong ally in this coldest season in Portugal.

It should be noted that the usual price of this heater is close to 150 euros. as indicated to Amazon.ES. However, until the 14th of November, the product costs €99.90 at the official Smartmi store in Portugal, setting up a €50 discount.

O Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S liga-se ao smartphone com a app Mi Home

Smartmi Convector Heater 1S

Smartmi’s new smart radiator with WiFi can be connected to the App “Mi Home / Xiaomi Home”. From there, we can configure the radiator connection from the app and guarantee the automation of the climate control.

In addition, we can also control the temperature or turn off the device from anywhere. Note also that the Smartmi Convector Heater S1 supports a range between 16 and 28 °C, for precise heating of the home.

The product has a tactile control panel, has child protection mode, is completely silent and has a simple design. It has a temperature and humidity indicator, an overheating sensor (security) and a timer.

The new Smartmi heater can be used in the bathroom

Smartmi Convector Heater 1S

The heating is generated by the electric current (power of 2200 W), with 72 aluminum plates that carry out an electrical transfer and disperse the heat with a radiant area of ​​4600 cm². At the same time, the ribbed style construction ensures efficient air flow for good heat distribution.

Finally, this radiator has a compact construction and weighs 6 kg, making it relatively easy to transport. Therefore, anyone looking for a new electric convector heater now has a good buying opportunity here.

The promotion runs until the next 14th of November, on the official website of Smartmi Portugal.

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