Stephan Weil on VW’s Trinity plans: The right approach for what’s coming up now

Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil sees the VW plans for Elektro-Groprojekt Trinity a decisive step in order to position the group solidly for the coming years. “Wolfsburg is the heart of Lower Saxony’s industry, and Wolfsburg should remain so,” said the SPD politician after Volkswagen had announced the prospect of building its own plant for the upcoming new class of electric vehicles on an entirely new platform.

As the second largest VW shareholder in the narrower sense, the country did not want to comment on the expected second factory in the region, which still has to be formally approved by the supervisory board. But the head of government made it clear: “With Trinity, Volkswagen will be putting a new generation of vehicles on the assembly line in Wolfsburg. That is the right approach for what is coming up now.” According to Weil, what is needed are “future projects that secure the capacity utilization of the locations and at the same time ensure competitiveness”.

Stand up to Tesla

The new location is to be built near the VW main plant and also help prepare for its conversion. The company wants to offer its US rival Tesla a stronger face. The Americans are about to start a factory for electric cars and battery cells in Grnheide near Berlin. (dpa-AFX / gem)

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