The Homtruck is the Chinese autonomous electric truck that wants to rival the Tesla Semi, and it looks like a Transformer

With futuristic lines and airs to the Tesla Semi, the Chinese giant Geely has just unveiled its next project: a commercial electric semi trailer named Homtruck and manufactured by Farizon Auto.

The Homtruck’s cabin is equipped with a large infotainment screen, a steering wheel prepared for autonomous driving (also with its own screen) and a panoramic roof for the driver’s enjoyment. Geely ensures that production and first deliveries are planned for 2024.

Heavy transport turned into luxury

The ‘smart’ truck, developed by Geely’s commercial vehicle division, has been presented in three variants thanks to its model architecture: pure electric with battery swap, methanol hybrid and with range extender.

At the moment no details have been revealed about autonomy or power, so we will have to wait. The manufacturer has confirmed that It will be launched in other markets, in addition to the Chinese.

Homtruck Interior Instrument Panel

Homtruck Kitchen 2

What Geely has talked about is the concept of ‘cabin-home’ that it raises for -similar- truckers: the design includes a complete bathroom with shower and toilet, single bed, refrigerator, kettle, kitchen and even a small washing machine.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and 360-degree cameras, it promises that the driver will be aware of any problems around the vehicle while in motion or while parking.

In addition, the Chinese manufacturer aims high with autonomous driving and ensures that, within pre-established routes, the Homtruck will be able to use autonomous driving functions of level 4 – the maximum is 5 – and will also introduce convoy functions for longer trips that allow trucks to communicate with each other to maintain a safe speed and distance.

As explained a la CNN Division CEO Mike Fan Geely plans to introduce autonomous driving in three phases. By 2023, the company expects to have some semi-autonomous functions, with more advanced systems in 2026. Geely plans to achieve full autonomy in 2030.

As Farizon Auto explains, the Homtruck is also capable of connecting to the logistics network’s big data platforms to help drivers obtain the most optimal orders in real time, analyze and track deliveries, and calculate operating costs throughout. of the routes.

Homtruck convoy

Homtruck Rear Wo Trailer

The Homtruck’s ‘brain’ can use vehicle sensors to analyze real-time traffic data and receive route recommendations.

Meanwhile, Tesla continues to delay deliveries of the Semi – unveiled in 2017 – until next year. Elon Musk said it was due to the limited supply of batteries.

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