The latest update of WhatsApp Web prevents its use on tablets

A few days ago, when we announced the version Whatsapp multi-device, we verified that it was possible to use it on a tablet, something that until then was impossible.

The procedure to do so was simple, since in this new version of WhatsApp it is possible to use the application from the mobile and connect up to 4 devices to the account, without depending on the mobile. For this, it is always necessary to use the web browser, the address and the scan of the corresponding QR code.

This made it possible to take a tablet, open the browser, put it in “desktop” mode and connect to a WhatsApp account without problems. Since there was no dependence on the mobile, we could put a shortcut to the page on the desktop and open WhatsApp at any time from the tablet.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp did not like the idea, and they have removed that possibility in the latest update of WhatsApp web.

When you update, it will be impossible to access from the tablet browser, even if you put it in desktop mode, since it will always direct to, not to the subdomain that allowed us to chat.

The reason why WhatsApp, and other companies, want to prevent this access is simple. In the android world it is already difficult to test all the models with all the existing screen sizes, but if we include the tablets, more tests are needed to ensure that everything works properly. Apparently WhatsApp is not yet ready to offer a 100% functional version on tablets, and they prefer to cancel access to risk an unforeseen problem occurring.

Be that as it may, if you already have access from the tablet and it asks you from there to update WhatsApp Web, do not press it if you do not want to lose it.

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