The next iOS update should bring scanners against AirTag stalking!

With the iOS 15.2 update, Apple wants to provide a scanner for its AirTags with which you can check on the iPhone whether there is an “unknown object” in your area that may be tracking you.

iOS update – scanner should make stalking with AirTags more difficult

They are round, small and inconspicuous and that is exactly what makes them so dangerous: Apple’s AirTags. The company has long been criticized for the fact that its devices simplify the possibility of stalking, because the small gadgets can easily be placed in pockets or the like without the person noticing. In contrast to other trackers, the Apple AirTags already have an anti-stalking function, but that According to the critics, it is not enough.

So far, the AirTags have warned the possibly stalked person in two different ways, depending on whether the “persecuted” person is using an iPhone or an Android smartphone. With the latter, the tracker draws attention to itself after eight to a maximum of 24 hours with a warning tone. iPhone users also receive a warning on their smartphone. Apple is already working on an app that will also warn Android users, but until this appears, only the warning tone that is emitted via the loudspeaker of the AirTag remains.

With iOS 15.2, which is currently in the beta phase, a new “scanner” for nearby AirTags and other Find-My devices is to be included, which actively allows a search for “Where is?” Devices. In the area of ​​tracked objects in the “Where is?” App, there will be a category for “Objects that can track me” in the future. If you start the scan, devices in the vicinity are searched for and displayed, and Apple also provides information on how to deactivate them. Another option helps to return devices that have been put to Lost Mode by their owners back to their owners.

Unfortunately, the new function also ensures that AirTags and other devices with activated “Where is” tracking can be found more easily by thieves. While this can only be switched off with the iPhone, Mac and Co. with the help of the Apple ID, with the AirTags it is sufficient to remove the batteries. Apple itself emphasizes that hardware is about finding lost things – theft protection plays a subordinate role. There have already been examples in which AirTags have been used successfully against car theft.

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