The Pixel 6 Pro is not fireproof

Zack Nelson realized the truth of life when he tormented the reference mobile.


Good speed or a great camera is an important consideration when buying, but durability is just as key, and there are standardized user tests to test assembly and material quality, if not always gentle. Probably Zack Nelson the best – known telephone torturer, who came on relatively quickly Google Pixel 6 Pro Gorilla Glass Victus screen protector glass, which was scratched from the Mohs scale six-hard chisel in the usual way, first slightly and deeper than seven. In Hungarian, glass is still glass, so despite its tempered nature, it is worth taking care of. The creepy sound proves when scratching the longitudinal sides: this time, Google simply painted the metal frame, while a wide band of plastic covers the 5G exit antennas at the top and bottom, from which Zack can carve out.

At the back, the straight camera strip is protected by a sheet of glass, while the edges are curved from plastic, so the reference device uses plastic here as well. Conclusion of completely unnecessary flame heating: do not heat the 6.71 “120 Hz QHD resolution top panel with a flame as it suffers permanent burns. But at least the fingerprint reader built into the screen will stand in the mud if the protective glass is above it. Mr. Nelson finally tries to break the Pixel 6 Pro, but the ugly failure is over: he managed to put the professional Google phone together so well that it could be accidentally and unharmed between the human back and the seat – but that’s not the intended use either.

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