To analyze Google Analytics automatically

There are people who work extracting data from Google Analytics every day, obtaining statistics necessary to establish strategies or make changes, a job that requires a lot of practice and patience.

There are others, on the other hand, who do not have that time, who consult a few things a week and lose details that could be fundamental for the business.

Thinking about this second group, an application is born that uses AI to analyze key points and offer automatic summaries.

Is about, a platform with a free option that asks us to connect our Google Analytics account to obtain the data in a table similar to the one you see above.

We can navigate through the side menu to see the keys collected, the increases in visits, if a specific area grows more than another, if there are more active users … variables that are shown in the form of sentences, without having to perform calculations or put the numbers in excel sheets.

Is named Narrative BI para Google Analytics, and is defined as a free self-service platform that turns GA data into automated narratives, displaying important metrics and anomalies in your website data.

This eliminates the complexity of Google Analytics data for marketers, helping to obtain much more intuitive reports.

Regarding the information that we must share with the platform, the registry makes it clear:

google analytics

As you can see, there is not little that is requested, although it is important to bear in mind that it is the only way to obtain the information to generate the requested reports.

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