too many accidents and bad practices

The arrival of electric scooters to cities is revolutionizing mobility, and also presenting many challenges in terms of road safety and accidents.

On Stockholm the situation with these Personal Mobility Vehicles is becoming so unsustainable that its authorities plan drastically cut the number of rental companies.

“Clearing the jungle of electric scooters”


As collected Euronews, the Swedish authorities are so tired of accidents and parking problems with electric scooters that in Stockholm will vote to reduce the number of these vehicles by almost half: from 23,000 to 12,000 by January 1, 2022.

A good cut in scooter rental companies is also expected. In fact, they want to leave only three companies, of the eight that operate in the Swedish capital.

These three companies will have to pay a fee of 140 euros per scooter and guarantee that their vehicles cannot be left parked or lying anywhere and that they can be kept upright when parked.

Stockholm’s Deputy Mayor for Transport, Daniel Helldén, has reported the initiative on his Twitter, assuring that they are “cleaning up the jungle of electric scooters.”

However, Helldén assures that he is not against this new form of mobility: “Electric scooters are used for 60,000 trips a day in Stockholm, so there is a need. It is not about removing them, it is basically an intelligent mode of transport. if users behave “.

The truth is that bad habits in the use of these vehicles has become a real problem globally. Last September, a cyclist died in the Swedish city of Västerås after colliding with an electric scooter that was improperly parked in a cycle lane.


In this sense, the Nordic countries have undertaken a ‘crusade’ against these behaviors: Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen have restricted the use of electric scooters at night, as accidents in which alcohol consumption is the main cause increase.

In Spain riding on the sidewalk with an electric scooter, which is for all purposes a vehicle, entails a fine of 200 euros, and the use of a helmet will become mandatory at the national level. Even so, the regulation is still in chaos.

In the last three years, more than 800,000 electric scooters have been sold throughout Spain, according to data from Línea Directa. In that same period, some 1,300 accidents with PMV involved and at least 16 deaths.

In this sense, the insurance sector has already demanded that the Administration generalize a mandatory Civil Liability insurance that guarantees coverage against possible incidents.

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