What’s new with Google’s Nest Hub (2nd gen) to help you fall asleep?

We do not know how many units of the second generation of Google’s Nest Hub smart displays will be sold this Christmas, but the truth is that both current and future users of this device will find better features of its peculiar Sensor sleep tracking function. dream

As we pointed out At the time of its launch, back in March, this model has the Soli project chip for motion detection to enable some of its functions, including the Sleep Sensor

In this regard, this feature expands your free preview until the year 2023, at which time it will become part of the Fitbit Premium subscription, at a cost of 8.99 euros per month or 79.99 euros per year. Initially, the preview would end at the end of this year.

With the entire year 2022 ahead, users will be able to take advantage of the improved algorithms for more detailed statistics of their night breaks. In this regard, they will know statistical data related to state from light sleep, deep sleep, REM phase and fully awake throughout the rest period, including the duration of these states from the Duration and Quality pages.

If you share a room with more people, the 2nd generation Nest Hub has a improved sound detection system, capable of recognizing when a sound comes from the user himself, his companion, another person, or even his pet or pets if they also sleep together. Except for the user’s own sounds, the rest of the sounds are included in the classification of «Other sounds».

Already for the month of December, the Google Assistant of this smart screen model, You will have access to an application called Calm, which will provide a library of relaxing sounds, bedtime stories, and other content to help users relax.

To invoke access to this content, simply indicate “Ok Google, show me Calm meditations” or “Ok Google, start a meditation”, for example. All these news have been announced by Google in a blog post.

For those users who are not reluctant to be monitored by electronic devices, the news of Sleep Sensor They are the great claim to qualify for the second generation of Google smart screens.

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