Xiaomi 12: the basic version should charge with up to 100 watts


In addition to a better camera, the Xiaomi 12 apparently also has a quick charge function with 100 watts. If the rumors are true, this would mean a significant upgrade.

Xiaomi could soon introduce the new Xiaomi Mi 12.

Xiaomi could soon introduce the new Xiaomi Mi 12. (Source: Xiaomi)

  • The Xiaomi 12 should appear in China in a few weeks.
  • An insider is now revealing new details about the top smartphone
  • Apparently the quick charging function of the basic variant is also getting an upgrade.

Xiaomi works in the highest secrecy on the Xiaomi 12. As with the Mi 11, there will probably be three different versions of the cell phone to buy: Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12 Pro und Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

According to the latest information, the basic variant Xiaomi 12 will experience a significant upgrade in terms of charging speed. The mostly reliable leaker Digital Chat Station writes on Weibo that the base model will probably offer a quick charge function with 100 watts.

Xiaomi 12: All rumors at a glance

Xiaomi is working on the Xiaomi 12 – the first flagship model without the Mi branding. Here you can find out what is known so far about the price, release and specs of the Mi 11 successor.

That would mean that a full charge cycle is completed within about 30 minutes – provided Xiaomi does not increase the battery at the same time. The predecessor Xiaomi Mi 11 only charged with 55 watts at the socket. However, the sister model can Xiaomi 11T Pro already charge with 120 watts.

How exactly the Xiaomi 12 will look like and what the mobile phone can do, we will probably find out this December. Then the cell phone should appear in China. A publication in Germany is expected for spring 2022.

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