200 € reduction on this superb Shengmilo MX02S electric mountain bike!

Do you love pedaling in the forest or on snow, but over time, you want to limit your efforts? Good thing since the Shengmilo MX02S is currently on sale at AliExpress, beware of the most fragile hearts, because you will not be able to resist its price.

Electric bikes and scooters have invaded the asphalt of our cities. However, these are ineffective when you start to cross bumpy roads, dirt roads and in colder regions, snow. To properly arm yourself against all this, there are electric mountain bikes like the Shengmilo MX02S which is equipped with a 17 A h battery (and 816 W h) and a 1000 watt motor, all at one very attractive price. Indeed, you can find the electric mountain bike at AliExpress priced at € 1,293 instead of 1 493 using code FRBON200 (-200 €).

Take advantage of the offer on Aliexpress

90 km of autonomy for a 1000 watt motor

The Shengmilo MX02S has everything you need to be able to ride on snow, on dirt and in the forest in excellent conditions. The electric mountain bike is equipped with a 48V or 1000 watt motor offering three driving modes. You will have a first mode where all the electric assistance is stopped, working the legs, or to drastically save the battery. The second mode is a bypass between the first, and another electric mode. This mode is used to assist the mountain biker in his race. The last is the 100% electric mode allowing you to enjoy the ride without making the slightest effort.

These different modes have the consequence of using more or less the battery. Generally, the battery allows you to be accompanied for 90 km with the assistance mode – count 40 km with the 100% electric mode. This battery remains rechargeable through a conventional socket. If you live in a residence with a cellar without a plug, or if you do not have an outlet in your garage, you can dislodge the battery from the Shengmilo MX02S in order to recharge it in your house to prevent the latter from being stolen.

Seven speeds, aluminum frame, wide tires, hydraulic disc brakes and shocks

The rest on electric mountain bike from Shengmilo remains relatively classic. The frame of the mountain bike is made of aluminum, a handlebar, also aluminum and a shock absorber at the front. At the level of the handlebars, you will find everything you need for the gear change thanks to the rear sprockets, the chainring change thanks to the front sprockets and an LCD screen to stay informed about speed, autonomy and mileage. Note that you will have a total of 21 speeds available (7 pinions x 3 chainrings).

In order to be able to brake properly, the Shengmilo MX02S is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, one at the front and one at the rear. The hydraulic brake system allows much better braking, especially when accompanied by disc brakes. On top of that, you will have less wearing and handling parts to replace certain parts.

Regarding the lighting, a headlight equipped with LED is housed at the level of the front fork and a red rear lighting with integrated brake light. Note that the pedals are fitted with reflectors. In short, with such performance, tires wide enough to go anywhere and a 17 A h battery, this MX02S weighs only 32 kg which will allow you to remain stable and above all, hooked to the ground. Find the Shengmilo MX02S in promotion at AliExpress priced at € 1,293 instead of 1 493 using code FRBON200 (-200 €).

Take advantage of the offer on Aliexpress

In France, an electrically assisted bicycle has many regulatory criteria before it can be classified as such: its motor must not exceed the power of 250W, the electric assistance must be carried out only during pedaling and cut off during its stop, and finally this assistance must not exceed 25 km / h. When discussing with associations in the sector, it is therefore appropriate to say that this model is not an electrically assisted bicycle but a vehicle with obligations (registration, use only on the road) which could raise risks in the event of an accident. accident, in particular with insurance companies. If you want to get it, be careful not to ride on cycle paths with the scooter mode activated and be extra careful!

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