Air taxi company: Volocopter completes test flight in Seoul

The German air taxi developer and manufacturer Volocopter has completed the first test flight with its 2X aircraft in South Korea’s capital Seoul. According to the announcement, it was the first public piloted test flight of an electric vertical takeoff and landing flying taxi in South Korea.

Accordingly, the test took place on the premises of Gimpo International Airport. During a five-minute test flight, the Volocopter 2X flew a distance of around three kilometers, reached a maximum height of 50 meters and top speeds of around 45 km / h.

Second flight in Asia

Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter is quoted in the letter: “We look forward to working closely with partners from the public and private sectors to bring electric air taxis to South Korea together.” Seoul is the second city in Asia where Volocopter has conducted public test flights. The first took place over Singapore’s Marina Bay Area in 2019.

According to its own statements, Volocopter is the only Urban Air Mobility company that has received approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency as a development and manufacturing company for such aircraft. The company has raised a total of over 322 million euros in capital from investors such as Daimler, Geely, DB Schenker, BlackRock and Intel Capital. (mer)

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