Amazon offers Smart Home Device Health Service for manufacturers of Smart Home devices

A few days ago Amazon presented the “Smart Home Device Health Service” for manufacturers of smart devices. The service is intended to help users with suggested solutions to solve minor problems, such as the connectivity of a device. The service monitors the status of the devices in real time and Amazon Alexa reports automatically when a problem is detected.

Amazon gives manufacturers the opportunity to monitor the functioning of the devices

Well maybe not exactly as in the headline, but the new service under the name “Smart Home Device Health Service (SHDHS)” is intended to offer users possible solutions for minor errors. The device status is actively monitored and, in the event of an error, the Amazon Alexa app will inform you about it and at the same time also display suggested solutions.

For example, if a device is disconnected from the Wi-Fi network, the Device Health Service will send a notification to the app and provide device-specific troubleshooting steps, as shown in the pictures here. If these don’t solve the problem, the Alexa app directs the customer to the correct customer support tools for further assistance.

Smart Home Device Health Service

Image: Amazon

But that doesn’t just work that way; instead, the developers of the respective Smart Home Skills for Alexa have to integrate the Alexa.EndpointHealth interface into their program logic. This can be used to evaluate the connectivity status of the device. more information is available here.

As a user, you don’t have to do anything for this, if someone uses this function, you will receive information from the Device Health Service if your device does not work. But be careful, this is just the beginning, currently only lamps from LIFX, Sengled and TP-Link KASA can do this. In the next year, Amazon plans to expand the service to other devices. Including many products with the “Certified for People” badge.

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