An idea of ​​the Apple Car thanks to its patents

The Apple car is a pipe dream that may never come out of the manufacturer’s garage. But the number of patents filed by the company makes it possible to imagine what this vehicle could look like!

Developments around the automobile are Apple’s least well-guarded project given the number of rumors circulating on the subject. And yet, nobody knows what is really going on behind the scenes of the computer manufacturer. A “real” car? An autonomous driving system? Or something completely different?

Angular design

However, aside from the noise of the hallway, there is another more reliable source of information that exists regarding “Project Titan”: patents. Apple regularly files patents to protect inventions developed by its engineers, and quite often these are technologies related to the automotive world. Vanarama designers took it and created 3D renderings based on these inventions.

The result of this work? A four-wheeled vehicle (phew!) With a special shape, which looks more like a Cybertruck type SUV than a Model 3 sedan. The body is reminiscent in some ways of the latest Apple products, themselves inspired by angular shapes of the iPad Pro.

Credit: Vanarama

The dashboard is a single screen that takes up the entire width of the car, with Siri and Apple Maps prominently featured. The steering wheel is also unusual with its strangely square design. The two front seats tilt towards the interior of the cabin, creating a sort of mini lounge while the vehicle drives on its own.

Credit: Vanarama

Remember that patents do not necessarily lead to the creation of products. Above all, they make it possible to avoid the looting of inventions by competitors. Therefore, it is likely that this car will never drive on the roads …

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