Apple HomePod: Smart speaker offer on eBay


You can currently get the Apple HomePod on eBay at a very good price. You save significantly compared to buying from other dealers. We checked the deal.

Would you like to equip your home with a smart speaker, but the HomePod Mini is too small for you? at eBay the regular HomePod is currently being offered at a special price. With the voucher code “POWERSPAREN21“it gets even cheaper.

Apple HomePod

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Apple HomePod

  • Smart Speaker mit Siri

  • AirPlay 2

  • 360-City-Audio

The HomePod from Apple is available on eBay for only 229.41 euros. Simply use the voucher code “POWERSPAREN21” for the price. The speakers were already in use and were bought by the seller overhauled. In return, you save over 140 euros compared to buying a new one.

To the offer at eBay


Offer in detail

The large HomePod was removed from the product catalog by Apple, but you currently have the chance to get it cheaper. A good opportunity if you have one smart speaker from the Apple universe is looking for you HomePod mini is too small.

The speaker delivers a good sound and serves as a smart home control center. Remember, however, that it has to be permanently connected to the electricity in order for it to work. There is no battery. Nevertheless, the HomePod in our test Get 8.3 out of 10 points.

Current offers on eBay

In addition to this top deal, there are of course many more currently available eBay listingsthat you can save on. Below we show you the highlight offers from the technology area.

With eBay More the online marketplace offers its own loyalty program. With the paid service you will receive, among other things, free premium shipping and exclusive offers. Questions regarding Shipping costs on eBay, to the B-Ware-Center as Financing options we answer you in the linked articles.

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