Delitbee, a price comparison for restaurants that deliver at home

Surely many of you use apps to order food that is delivered to your home. Just Eat, Glovo, Deliveroo, UberEats… there are many, and they are available depending on the city.

Well, in the same way that there are comparators of prices for flights, hotels and others, there are also comparators of this type of restaurants.

Is about delitbee, startup that has just received a new round of financing worth 400,000 euros, money that will be used to expand the engineering team, attract more restaurants and something that users of the app ask a lot, to be able to order food from the same application, without make it just a group of links to other apps.

That’s right, Delitbee compares prices and puts them on the same page, allowing the use of filters so that we can quickly find the dish we are looking for, but when we have decided what we want, it links to the original app.

We can use the app from the mobile or even from the web in this link, being necessary to inform our address so that you can find the restaurants that deliver there.

With the application we can choose the platform and use discount coupons, generally valid for new registrations in each of the apps that offer the service.

We can thus compare the shipping cost and the price of the plate, facilitating the purchase process when placing the order. They calculate that it represents a saving of between three and six euros for the buyer, at the same time that they offer more visibility to restaurants that want to start delivering their dishes at home.

They tell us that Delitbee is the only platform in Europe and Latin America that brings together all food delivery users, and everything seems to indicate that they will grow a lot with this new injection of money.

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