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The company has announced the Dreame Bot W10 vacuum and floor mopping robot for some time, but has now officially presented it.

Dreame Bot W10 with self-cleaning and drying function

It seems to be gaining ground that the new top medals in the robot vacuum sector come with rotating mops, which are automatically cleaned in their base station. Dreame also has such a model in its portfolio, namely the Dreame Bot W10.

The W10 has a suction power of 4,000 Pascal and is also a little different in design than most models. It has a D-shape, as we know it from the Neato or Vorwerk models, which promises improved cleaning in corners. In his base station he can automatically clean the mopping attachments and also dry them directly.


The Dreame Bot W10 can also refill the water tank in the base, but does not vacuum the dust container empty. Such all-rounders are currently only the announced Roidmi EVA or the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni.

Sales of the W10 are scheduled to start in Germany at the beginning of January 2022. A test device is already on the way, so Karim can provide you with a video on our YouTube channel in time for the start.

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