Dreame P10 and Dreame P10 Pro, two upright vacuum cleaners worth knowing

Taking advantage of the 11.11 of Aliexpress, we leave you with the description and discounts of two of the best upright vacuum cleaners today.

On the one hand we have the Dream P10, with a 100,000 rpm motor, brushless and 100AW suction power. It has 3 suction levels and seven 2,000 mAH batteries for an autonomy of 50 minutes in Eco mode.

It has filtering throughout the machine, and shows the information on an LED screen, with the battery life, the cleaning status and the automatic locking option.

On the other hand we have the Dream P10 Pro, also 1.63 Kg, which reaches 120,000 rpm, and has 7 2,500 mAH batteries, increasing the autonomy to 60 minutes in Eco mode. It has a mini Motorized Brush that removes particles upholstery dust and mites, and, like the previous model, has removable roller brush, dust cup and filter.

Dream P10

Specifications comparing both models

Dream P10

Video of the Dream P10

Video of the Dreame P10 Pro

Links and Prices

Dream P10: click here. From 211 euros for € 166.87 with the code ESD1115. The first 50 orders get the Oclean X toothbrush free. 2 coupons of $ 160 can be won. The product has a 2-year local warranty and a 7-day return or refund.

Dream P10 Pro: click here. From 243 euros for € 180.16 with the code ESD1129. You get a free wall hanger and a free Oclean X Pro toothbrush for the first 50 orders. $ 190 coupon can be won. It has the same local and money-back guarantee as the Dream P10.

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