France bets on more centrals but Spain remains against

France joins UK and will continue betting on nuclear energy as the main source of energy and in order to support the electricity generated by renewables.

Instead, Spain has taken a position against this position, something that was already affirmed in July. The national plan is to continue betting on gas and make the transition to clean energy.

France is a leader in nuclear energy

The nuclear energy debate: France bets on more plants but Spain remains against

“For the first time in decades, the construction of nuclear reactors will be relaunched and the development of renewables will continue “, assured Emmanuel Macron and according to the EFE Agency.

The objective of France, like that of a large part of the countries, is to achieve neutrality in emissions by the year 2050 and, for this, it is going to rely on nuclear energy as main power supply for the network. In addition, the Gallic country wants to guarantee independence and the supply of energy.

To this day, France It has 58 reactors spread over 19 nuclear sites. In other words: it has the largest nuclear fleet in the world in proportion to its population. Every year there are around 405 TWh of nuclear energy, according to him Sfen, the French nuclear energy association.

Nuclear energy in France

Fuente: Electricity of France.

More than half of the energy produced in France comes from nuclear reactors and is a 84% low in emissions and renewables only provide 17% of total energy, according to ElectricityMap data.

France’s plans go through building six new European pressurized reactors and the Électricité de France company submitted a dossier to the government in the spring on the viability and conditions of such a program. President Macron also recently announced investments in a future small reactor project.

Spain will close all its plants by 2035

The nuclear energy debate: France bets on more plants but Spain remains against

On the other hand, Spain has shown itself against continuing to use this source of energy and will continue with its plan: shut down all nuclear power plants by 2035.

In fact, in July it signed together with Austria, Germany, Denmark and Luxembourg a letter addressed to the European Commission, speaking out against this source of energy.

National plans have not changed since the announcement of the National Comprehensive Energy and Climate Plan 2021-20230 (PNIEC), in April 2020, which ensured the orderly and staggered closure of the seven reactors nuclear plants that remain active in Spain.

To date, these seven nuclear reactors in Spanish territory provide a 17% of energy used by the country and, according to the PNIEC, their termination is compatible with the electricity supply.

The Government objective is to make the Spanish electrical system 100% renewable and dispense with the rest of energy sources, something that at the moment seems complicated, since the main source of energy for Spain is natural gas.

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