Go for the Kindle Paperwhite, you will rarely get it at this price (-44%)

Today, the Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon, one of the best references on the market in terms of reading, especially when it falls to 89.99 euros, a great deal!

This version, released in 2018, takes all the arguments of the original Kindle by adding better performance, and improved handling. Usually indicated at 159.99 euros, it is now falling at 89.99 euros at Amazon (-44%).

Take advantage of the Amazon offer

The Kindle Paperwhite in detail

This e-reader is one of the most interesting models among the many that Amazon designs. There is a 6-inch e-ink screen with paper quality, accompanied by 8 GB or 32 GB of storage. This device, released in 2018, remains an excellent reference. It offers great reading comfort, day and night, with a screen that is certified to be reflective and backlit. The resolution can go up to 300 dpi, for realistic photo image quality compared to a paper book.

In use, it is quite simply one of the most customizable models on the market. You can choose from 8 different fonts, adjust the size of paragraphs, text, spacing, but also margins according to your preferences. You have the choice to leave the lighting in automatic mode, or to adjust it manually. Finally, Bluetooth is integrated which allows you to enjoy your audio books in a few clicks.

The library of this electronic reader is not left out. The Kindle Paperwhite provides access to 5.55 million e-books. If you already have certain titles associated with your Amazon account, all you have to do is log in from your e-reader to find them instantly. This model can be used at the beach or in the bathroom, since it is waterproof and IPX8 certified.

Take advantage of the Amazon offer

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