How to authorize someone else to make the transfer after buying a second-hand car

One of the first procedures that you must complete after acquiring a second-hand car is the change of ownership, it is a mandatory process that It must be done within 30 days after the purchase of the car. The process of change of ownership can be done telematically in a simple way, provided that support is available to scan documents.

It cannot be done in person in the case of moped transfers, transfers involving a sale or a buyer or seller with guardianship, death of the owner and inheritance, separation, divorce or breakup, donations of vehicles, historic vehicles, vehicles with more than one owner (joint owners) or adjudication at a vehicle auction.

In the event that you are in one of these cases or do not have enough time or means to do it, it is possible that this procedure will be carried out by another person, yes, you must first give it authorization through the DGT website.

The registration of seizure, the solution

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You can make a power of attorney to a third person to carry out this procedure for you, this document can be processed at the DGT with your Empowerment Registry.

This process can be done at via internet with your digital certificate, electronic DNI, or cl @ ve pin or permanent in force. It can also be done at via phone where your identity will be verified to be able to carry out the power of attorney. In both cases, we must have the full name or business name of the person who will act on our behalf, as well as their DNI / NIE / CIF.

Too can be done in person at any traffic office or headquarters by filling in the form they request, presenting your DNI and the DNI / NIE / CIF of the person or company that will act on your behalf.

In the application process You can choose the time that this authorization lasts, as well as the procedures that this person can carry out. Not only can you delegate the process of changing ownership, you can also do other procedures such as deregistering a vehicle, changing the address, extension of the driving license or registration.

Even so, despite granting this power, it is very likely that you will have to give a Certified photocopy of your ID to be able to carry out many of the procedures.


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