How to erase the background of a video for free and without a watermark

Some time ago we knew a web tool to remove background from video clips. Although it is a practical solution, its free mode is quite limited.

The application that we reviewed earlier now has some competition, as a new alternative began to offer better benefits, also through a free plan.

BgRem, a new option to remove the background from a video

Removing the background from a video clip opens up a host of new possibilities when editing. However, doing it from a traditional video editor requires a quota of experience, time and patience.

BgRem is a new option to carry out this kind of edits easily and comfortably from the browser. The same as unscreen.comSimply upload a video to the web, and the trimming process starts automatically. The only similarity between both platforms is that, the mode of use. However, there are some functions that mark notable differences between the two.

If you enter without creating an account in the service, it will be possible to process a maximum of 2 videos of 10 seconds per day, with a maximum of 20 clips per month and without audio. By registering on the site, even free of charge, the audio is recovered and can increase the video duration limit to 30 seconds. Although the limit of 2 videos per day is maintained, the monthly quota increases to 40 and cloud storage is additionally offered for 5 clips. One detail that makes this option much more striking is that both modes offer results free of watermarks and in Full HD resolution.

To edit videos with no duration limit and without restrictions on the daily quota of processed clips, there are pay-per-minute options, with rates that are adjusted based on the volume contracted.

Once the video has been processed, it is possible to download it with the transparent background or with a personalized one, which can be loaded from the computer or simply be filled with a color of your choice.

Although technically it is possible to run this tool from the mobile browser, there are also editing apps They offer a similar feature among their functions, but usually limited for use on clips with a green background (chroma key processing).

With BgRem this task is easier, as it can be used with almost any video clip. In any case, it should be noted that those videos in which originally the character that appears in the foreground is distinguished with greater clarity with respect to the background, will have better results at the time of cropping.

The final quality of the video is subject to the type of subscription. Videos processed from payment accounts, in addition to being ready in a shorter time, will be exported in better image quality.

Link: BgRem

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