Meta and Microsoft announced integration between Workplace and Teams

In digital work environments, you rarely rely on just one platform to manage your team’s productivity and communication.

The combined use of Teams and Workplace seems to be a pattern, or at least the companies behind these services seek to promote it. Meta and Microsoft announced that both tools can be integrated, generating a unified experience.

What the integration of Teams and workplace offers

Thanks to this integration, employees who are part of the same team in Workplace will be able to access the content of this platform from Microsoft Teams, without having to go from one window to another between both platforms.

Also, Teams meetings can be transmitted to Workplace groups, with the purpose of disseminating meetings and events, leaving them available to be reviewed later with ease.

This new integration, recently announced, strengthens new ties between Meta and Microsoft. Since last year, those with a presence on both platforms can now integrate Workplace with SharePoint, OneDrive and the Office 365 suite of applications. In addition, the arrival of Teams on Meta Portal devices.

“One thing I learned from the pandemic is that companies don’t just rely on one tool to get their jobs done, so it’s our responsibility as leaders in the space to make sure the tools they use integrate and interoperate with each other.”said Jeff Teper, corporate vice president of product and engineering for Microsoft Teams. “We have a shared vision of offering our clients choice and flexibility, so it made sense for us to come together to help our mutual clients unlock collaboration and break silos within their organizations.”added.

Teams and Workplace customers can use these integrations for free. Just download the Workplace integration with Teams from the latter platform, to start testing it immediately. Meeting streaming from Teams to Workplace will be enabled starting in 2022.

Outside of the timely integration of these two tools, it will be interesting to see how this friendly treatment between the two companies evolves, especially considering that both Meta and Facebook have begun to venture into their own metaversos, virtual spaces in which work-related instances will also take place.

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