Oppo is bringing another member to the A50 series

This will be the eighth this year. At this level, the model range is becoming increasingly opaque, but in Hungary, despite the filtered quantity, the manufacturer was able to rank fourth in the sales rankings.


The Oppo A50 series is becoming more and more chaotic in the international market, seven such devices have already been introduced this year, and let the people who list the differences from A53s 5G, A54, A54s, A54 5G, A55, A55 Between 5G and A56, and 91 Mobiles reported that it will arrive soon Oppo A55s 5G also, about which a photo has already been published.

The mobile, available in black and mint green, comes with a top left camera hole and a dual rear camera system, supposed to get a Snapdragon 480 system chip, 4GB of RAM, a 3890mAh battery and an 18-watt fast charge, not to mention 5G.

Oppo Reno 5 5G [+]

We can report on a recent situation report regarding the domestic market: at the end of June 2021, Oppo announced that it would start operating officially in Hungary as another step in its European expansion, and a much more transparent palette at home (on the mobile front). Reno 5 5G, Reno 5 Z and A16s) have been very successful: Based on the results of their first three months, OPPO ranks 4th in the list of manufacturers in Hungary with a market share of 3%.

Cover image: Oppo Reno 5 Z

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