Patreon aims to become YouTube alternative for video creators

YouTube is ceasing to be the favorite platform for many veteran creators, who are focusing their efforts on other alternative platforms, leaving YouTube as something secondary where they can continue to maintain their presence.

The dissatisfaction of many creators with YouTube is now joined by the fact that Patreon is developing its own video hosting platform for creators. For those who still do not know Patreon, it is a platform that unites creators and followers so that the latter support the work of the former through financial support.

According to the words of the CEO of Patreon, Jack Conte, collected by The Verge:

We are building a video product… So in terms of how we have approached our strategy and what exactly we are building, we are building the horizontal architecture for any creator, regardless of their medium, or regardless of the upload format, in order to build a business around your work

Its launch, which would be linked to the launch of a native player from videos, it would be necessary for the creators have everything you need without using third-party tools, or what is the same, tries to offer creators everything they need to be self-sufficient without having to depend on third-party tools, such as YouTube, in some respects.

Its launch would also make the use of Vimeo less relevant., another historical segment of the Internet video hosting segment, which has finally focused on being the platform for creators of audiovisual products, and with which Patreon also has its own integration so that creators can monetize their products.

At the moment little else is known about the new video hosting platform, although it should come as no surprise as it currently also offers episode hosting to podcast creators.

In this sense, Conte has also indicated that he already has his new podcast called The Creator Economy, in what It will have the heads of the companies that offer tools to the content creators themselves throughout its 12 planned episodes, which will be freely accessible and without advertising.

To Tell:

We want to attract the most amazing, forward-thinking, and curious people to Patreon who are building for the creators’ economy.

It further adds that:

We want these people to hear how we think about the world, our vision, what we want to build, what we believe in and who we are

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