Prime Video will allow you to share clips of some of its original content

Amazon is so convinced that the original contents of Prime Video are so interesting to the point that, unlike other video-on-demand platforms, will start to leave that it is the subscribers themselves who can promote them among their contacts.

In this regard, starting with iOS users in the United States and for a small selection of original content, Prime Video will share video segments of up to 30 seconds in length with family and friends in some messaging and social media applications.

For it, The application will start to have the “Share clip” button, which will allow subscribers to select and edit the segment of the original content they want to share, making them take them to another social platform Through the share function of the iOS system itself, being able to choose between the following options: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Messenger, y WhatsApp.

Behind this feature is Amazon’s X-Ray technology.

As we say, for now it will work with a small selection of original Prime Video content, being the chosen ones The Wilds, Invincible, Fairfax, and the first season of The Boys. Apart from the fact that in the future it will be expanded to more original content, at the moment it is unknown if it will also ever cover any production made by third parties.

It also remains to be known when this possibility can also reach users of Android devices, since at the moment there is no mention of it, despite this system also has a respectable user quota in the United States.

The funny thing is that Amazon Prime Video takes a different course with respect to its main competitors, which are not few today, who do not, at least for the moment, let their subscribers be the ones who can also promote some of their original content among family and friends, having to use the video clips and official photographs that the platforms themselves promote on social networks.

Given the existing competition in the sector, the same as some of the competitors, it also takes the glove to offer a similar function later on. And it is not the same as the platforms themselves recommending content to which family and friends can recommend it.

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