The first HomeKit ceiling light appears in China

In China, Aqara has now presented the first ceiling light that is also compatible with HomeKit.

First Aqara L1 ceiling lamp spotted

Aqara’s smart home system is growing and therefore becoming more and more interesting. Various hubs with different additional functions are available to the user, to which numerous sensors and actuators can be connected. In China, Aqara has now launched a new ceiling light that is also compatible with HomeKit.

Image source: HomeKitNews

The Aqara L1 ceiling light has a fairly flat design and can reproduce both warm white and cold white light. In addition to the Aqara app, the light can also be controlled in the Xiaomi Home app. Connected to an Aqara hub, the lamp is also available under HomeKit.

The ceiling light costs the equivalent of just under $ 35. It is still unclear whether this model will also appear on the European market. It will also be interesting to see whether the light can also be coupled to a Philips Hue bridge via ZigBee.

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