two highly equipped Chinese compact SUVs, with LPG version and ECO label

The proposals of SUV arrived from China they are more and more numerous in Spain and now the SWM G01, and its sportier cut variant G01F, which is now launching its full range in our market.

The price of this compact SUV starts at 22.095 euros in the case of SWM G01 and of the 25.095 euros in that of SWM G01F, although with the discount applied for financing they remain at 19,595 and 22,595 euros respectively. It is therefore about 2,000 euros cheaper than a SEAT Ateca.

In this beginning of commercialization, it is offered in both gasoline and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), what door ECO label. Both can be associated with both manual and automatic transmission and articulate their range in two finishes: Basic and Elite or Luxury and Premium.

His great claim is a not inconsiderable standard equipment in addition to the GLP mechanics, as for example with the DFSK F5. In addition to this, it competes directly with other SUVs such as the biofuel Dacia Duster (16,924 euros): although the SWM G01 GLP It is more expensive (23.809 euros), it is also larger and has more technology as standard.

It also competes for example with the SsangYong Tivoli, which in its LPG variant starts at 26,020 euros, without discounts applied, therefore this SWM G01 is about 2,200 euros cheaper. Nevertheless, It looks more fair in equipment than the DFSK F5, although it is true that this other Chinese has a much higher price (about 5,000 euros more).

An SUV ‘made in’ China, but with European design

SWM G01 and G01F 2022, all prices for Spain

The SWM G01 the G01F They practically trace dimensions, although the second is slightly longer: it measures 4.67 m compared to the 4.61 m of the first. A difference that is due to the more generous fenders that the G01F boasts.







4.610 mm

1.855 mm

1.740 mm

2.750 mm

570 liters


4.670 mm

1.855 mm

1.740 mm

2.750 mm

570 liters

The distance between axis in both it is 2,75 m and the trunk cubes a generous 570 liters, 60 more than the SEAT Ateca for example, although it is also larger. And it is that although it is framed within the compact SUV, it is closer to the D-SUV segment, as is the case with the Toyota RAV4.

On an aesthetic level, the SWM G01 It has a line closer to European models than other Chinese options, with a generous laminated grille or notable front air intakes. Not in vain, boast Italian design despite the fact that they are manufactured in the People’s Republic.

SWM G01 and G01F 2022, all prices for Spain


For his part the G01F combines a thin honeycomb grill with a huge front air intake, the ventilation inlets being also larger. It is also distinguished by numerous glossy black accents, by integrating two round tailpipes instead of one at the rear, or by a differential cabin.

Regarding the engines, in this release it is offered only with a block 1.5 liter turbo gasoline, who signs the 131 hp and 215 Nm. The LPG is the same, but adjusted to operate both with bifuel and gasoline. The gearboxes, manual or automatic, they are six speeds.

The mechanical frame is completed with a McPherson type front suspension and multi-link rear and with disc brakes, both for the front and rear axles.

SWM G01 and G01F 2022, all prices for Spain

In terms of performance, both models offer the same: 180 km/h top speed and acceleration 0-100 in 10 seconds. And in consumption and emissions they are also identical: 9.27 l / 100 km and 210 g / km of CO₂, in mixed cycle (WLTP).

The LPG tank in both it is 54 liters, combined with a 52-liter gasoline, so we are talking about two more than generous tanks. Full autonomy is not indicated at the moment. It should be noted that this alternative fuel offers a lower price than diesel: currently at an average of 0.80 euros per liter.

Extensive standard equipment and no extras

SWM G01 and G01F 2022, all prices for Spain

These SWM G01 the G01F boast of a remarkable standard technological equipment from its most basic finish. As for the available colors they are blue, red, white and black, while the G01F adds gray.

The G01 in its finish Basic, offers as standard 17-inch aluminum wheels, halogen front and rear LED headlights, electric parking brake, keyless opening and starting, air conditioning, synthetic leather seats (with up to six manual settings for the driver), coaster with hot / cold function or radio with five speakers and a USB port, among others.

It also offers free driving assistance systems such as automatic emergency braking (with Rear Cross Traffic Alert), Hill Start Assist, rear camera or rear parking sensors.

SWM G01 and G01F 2022, all prices for Spain

For his part in the option Elite Adds offers heated and power folding rear view mirrors, climate control, power-adjustable driver’s seat, tinted rear windows, seven-inch digital instrumentation and the 10 inch multimedia display, four USB ports (two at the front and two at the back) or LED interior lighting.

Likewise, in assistance systems, in the automatic transmission variants, it has more equipment: involuntary lane change, Forward Collision Warning, Moving Object Monitoring, Blind Spot Detector, 360º camera, front parking sensors and cruise control.

SWM G01 and G01F 2022, all prices for Spain

Interior del SWM G01F

As for the G01F, the Luxury trim mounts 18-inch two-tone aluminum wheels, tinted rear glass, panoramic roof or the aforementioned 10-inch infotainment screen.

And the Premium adds all the benefits of the Elite, in addition to LED headlights with cornering function O wireless charging for mobile devices.

The extras in both are limited to the paint with a metallic finish, which represents an additional outlay in each of the versions of 547 or 568 euros (G01 and G01F).

Prices for Spain of SWM G01 and G01F

SWM G01 and G01F 2022, all prices for Spain

The SWM G01 starts in the 22.095 euros in your gasoline option and in 23.809 euros in that of GLP, both available in both Basic and Elite, although the automatic box is only offered in the highest trim.

And the SWM G01F does the same in the 25.095 euros or in the 24.377 euros in the case of the option GLP.

However, if it is financed with the concessionaire (minimum amount of 14,000 euros and with a minimum permanence of 60 months), a 2,500 euro discount in any of the versions.



price with financing

G01 MT6 Basic

22.095 euros

19.595 euros

G01 MT Elite

23.495 euros

20.995 euros

G01 AT Elite

25.995 euros

23.495 euros

G01F MT Luxury

25.095 euros

22.595 euros

G01F AT Premium

28.095 euros

25.595 euros



price with financing

amount G01 GLP MT6 Basic

23.809 euros

21.309 euros

G01 GLP MT Elite

25.209 euros

22.709 euros

G01 GLP AT Elite

27.709 euros

25.209 euros

G01F GLP MT Luxury

24.377 euros

22.595 euros

G01F GLP AT Premium

29.877 euros

27.377 euros

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