Valve’s console will be two months late

First-time Steam Deck buyers won’t receive their new handheld console this Christmas. Valve has indeed announced that the device will not be finally delivered until February 2022.

Two months late, it is the disappointing announcement from Valve which will not be able to deliver the first units of the Steam Deck until February 2022. The console should have been sent to its first buyers in December. ” We are sorry », Apologized the company. ” We have done our best to bypass global supply chain issues, but due to a shortage of materials, components are not arriving on time at our manufacturing facilities so that we can meet deadlines. initial launch ».

No Steam Deck at Christmas

These production difficulties do not only affect Valve: the entire industry is concerned, from Apple to Nintendo, via Microsoft and Sony, whose consoles are still just as difficult to buy. This delay will in any case allow Valve to continue to push developers to optimize their games for the Steam Deck.

The publisher has made this optimization work as complex as possible: the Steam Deck is a console that runs on Linux, but thanks to the Proton compatibility layer, most Windows games can run on it without too much worry. On the other hand, multiplayer games which integrate anti-cheating systems are more difficult to adapt to Proton.

Valve also wants the developers to support the console’s touchscreen, buttons, and sticks as best they can. A verification program was also launched last month to certify perfectly optimized games on the Steam Deck. The publisher is also organizing a virtual event for developers this Friday in order to share best practices and answer questions. Finally, still with the aim of attracting developers, Valve has started sending them test units.

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