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Xiaomi Trouver Power 12 uber vacuum cleaner uber good price

The Power 12 is the most expensive and advanced stationary vacuum cleaner in the series, with a suction power of 150 AW and a suction power of 23,000 pascals.

Benchmark that a Roborock H6 that’s pretty much all he knows only a vacuum cleaner over 100,000 HUF. A Power 12 operating time 60 minutes, 50 square meters approx. I tend to walk through it with my own vacuum cleaner in a quarter of an hour, meaning you won’t have a problem with this up to roughly 200 square feet even if you haven’t peppered with every skirting board and door handle for 3 minutes. The vacuum cleaner is extremely light, a test 1,45 kg, that is, there will be no problem for the weaker persons to lift and clean with it. Although it is still not on all vacuum cleaners OLED display, but Twelve also ticks this extra, this makes operating data much easier to read than e.g. the charge.

Okay, they certainly saved on supplements, but they didn’t. A wall mount, which is also a charger, has a two-position reducer head and a main motorized brush next to the also a smaller mite remover, maybe all you need is a flexible attachment to mate in the car. Me I also really like the lookand as a white vacuum cleaner owner I say that the dirt is much less visible on this dark line-up, and it will be plentiful for cleaning.

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