Albert Einstein manuscript sold at auction for more than 10 million euros

Albert Einstein is one of the geniuses of the twentieth century. He revolutionized the world of science with his theory of general relativity, and more than 100 years later, it is still fascinating.

This Tuesday, November 24, the auction company Chritie’s made a very special sale in Paris. In the auction room, science and history buffs had come together to snatch up at a high price a set of leaves and other handwritten notes, scribbled over a century ago. On these 54 pieces of paper, calculations, countless mathematical theories, complex enough to give a headache to any professor of physics.

In the middle of these, an equation, today known to all: e = mc2. This is perhaps what is remembered when we talk about Albert Einstein today. Everyone knows, more or less, the genius of the German physicist, but few are able to clearly explain what his work consists of, or even his discoveries.

Within these writings, it is possible to understand, at least to apprehend the level of knowledge of the German intellectual, then settled in Switzerland with one of his friends and confidant Michele Besso. The latter will carefully keep the drafts and other works of his friend Albert Einstein.

The beginnings of the theory of general relativity

The German does not know it yet, but he is on the verge of revolutionizing the world of science, especially astronomy. Indeed, the genius has been working for some time on a question that torments a large part of the scientific community at the time: why is Mercury’s orbit disturbed?

According to the laws of gravity emitted by Newton, the Sun should not have any influence on the orbit of the small planet. However, this seems to be the case, and no one can understand why. Finally it was not until 1915 and the publication of his general relativity theory for Albert Einstein to prove to the world that Newton’s laws were incomplete. A real revolution in physics.

On the documents put up for sale by Chritie’s on Tuesday, there are many pages that report calculations that will later be found in Albert Einstein’s theory. Sold at a price of 11.6 million euros, these documents were originally estimated at 3 million.

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