AliExpress was waiting for Black Friday, it breaks the price by -70%

The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro are the last two premium smartphones from the brand of the same name. For Black Friday, AliExpress is (almost) humiliating devices with discounts between 50 and 70% off their release price.

Are you looking for a premium smartphone and looking for the right deal? Here it is: The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro are two excellent high-end smartphones from the Asian manufacturer. As part of Black Friday, AliExpress has just unveiled an offer that makes their value for money unbeatable. It is almost 30% below the discount already applied by Amazon.

To go directly into the price detail, the OnePlus 9 in 128 GB collapses at 399 euros instead of 819 euros using the code SDFRN184. By default, the price displayed on AliExpress is 459 euros. The code indicated makes it possible to reduce the final amount by 60 euros more: it falls below the bar of 400 euros. It’s a great deal, especially when you see it at 569 euros on Amazon (which also offers a Black Friday discount).

I use the OnePlus 9

On the same principle, AliExpress is not sparing the OnePlus 9 Pro either. In its 128 GB version, this excellent smartphone drops at only 509 euros instead of 919 euros as part of a “deal of the day”. It is an operation within the Black Friday of the merchant platform, you do not need to have a code to activate the final discount.

I am using the OnePlus 9 Pro

Whether it’s the OnePlus 9 or the OnePlus 9 Pro, the merchant ships both models from warehouses based in France. There are theoretically 3 working days for delivery. Note that the 2-year manufacturer’s warranty is applied in both cases. You therefore have protection in the event of a technical problem. It’s like you bought it from Amazon.

Why buy this OnePlus 9 Pro (for example)?

Among the elite of Android smartphones, there is necessarily the OnePlus 9 Pro. Released at the end of March 2021 (like its little brother), this model quickly made its mark. It must be said that its premium features have largely contributed to its success. And this special AliExpress offer should allow it to further boost sales for the end of the year.

To start on the technical part of the OnePlus 9 Pro, we first see this magnificent 6.7-inch OLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The LTPO technology applied saves as much energy as possible (especially for 120 Hz) and better manage the temperature of the smartphone. True to its DNA, the smartphone uses the lines and finishes of the brand’s previous models. All the same on the OnePlus 9.

For the power part, OnePlus has bet on what is best at Qualcomm. We find the Snapdragon 888 processor which offers XL performance for telephony. Clearly, for gaming or any other power-hungry application (like editing photos or videos), you won’t notice any slowdown. Of course, it is also compatible with the 5G network.

Another important point on the high end: the photo part. We find on the back a quadruple photo sensor (wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, telephoto and monochrome) rather attractive thanks to a collaboration with Hasselbad. If we can not upgrade it to the iPhone 13 Pro and other Galaxy S21 Ultra, it remains a very good smartphone. The main module is a high quality 48 MP Sony IMX789. For the OnePlus 9, we only have a triple photo module.

I am using the OnePlus 9 Pro

With a 120 Hz screen and a Snapdragon 888 processor, one can legitimately wonder what is the autonomy of a OnePlus 9 Pro. Well, it’s excellent: with two batteries for a total of 4,500 mAh, the high-end smartphone will last more than a day and a half. And for those who worried about charging, it is compatible with fast charging (warp charge 65T) which allows it to find 100% of the battery in about 35 minutes.

AliExpress goes all the way on telephony

In recent years, AliExpress has made a breakthrough on the French market with shock reductions. We have seen excellent products like these OnePlus 9 see their price drop very significantly. These are some of the best deals from all Black Friday until now. Thanks to its bargaining power, AliExpress is much more competitive than its European or American rivals – especially on Asian brands.

If you want to buy a OnePlus 9 or a OnePlus 9 Pro, we advise you to quickly pull the trigger. In any case, you then have 14 days after delivery to change your mind and return the product to the sender. In this case, AliExpress will take it back and refund you. The phone just needs to be like new for it to be eligible for a refund, which is normal.

For Black Friday, AliExpress is giving us a wonderful offer on these OnePlus 9. However, these are not the only products that benefit from slashed prices at home. There are also the Pad 5 tablets from Xiaomi, the Roborock S5 Max or even the Apple headphones. Whether AirPods Pro or AirPods 3, these are very good products that benefit from unprecedented discounts in France. We invite you to take a tour of the merchant site to discover them all. It is not always easy to get by on this platform but the discounts are really very aggressive.

To discover the two smartphones, it’s here:

I enjoy the OnePlus 9

I am using the OnePlus 9 Pro

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