Amazon slaughters everything, 6 (secret) deals not to be missed 🔥

This Wednesday of Black Friday at Amazon saw new offers land. In the face of this invasion of bargains, we’ve made a list of all the ones worth checking out.

This edition of Black Friday starts off with a bang. All e-commerce players have drawn exceptional offers to allow the general public to save money on their Christmas shopping. Among the millions of offers available in real time, we help you see more clearly. Our selection for this crazy Wednesday.

In France, Black Friday on Amazon and others took on an unimaginable scale a few years ago. France’s e-commerce leader with its counterparts Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty and AliExpress are bludgeoning the market with galore discounts. You have to know how to act intelligently so as not to be fooled by the euphoria of discounts. Apple, LG, Sony, Philips or Microsoft are at crazy prices. A word of advice: take only what you need.

Millions of offers for Black Friday

Over the duration of Black Friday, Amazon will release more than a million discounts across its entire catalog. Beyond the technological part, there are all the other categories that are put forward for this operation. You can make Christmas gifts at reduced prices on all themes.

As we have seen since the start of Black Friday at Amazon last Friday, the breaks are already numerous. We therefore advise you to jump on opportunities as quickly as possible so as not to have to regret a product. The stocks are not endless, they are even very low in this year. Between the worries of delivery in the world, the production difficulties and the very high demand, there will be a lot of people who will be disappointed.

It is for this reason that Amazon has decided to distill its Black Friday over several days. Friday won’t be the only day with XL offers. Throughout the week, there will be flash offers that will animate the merchant site. And the products that will disappear between now and Friday will definitely no longer be in stock. The discounts that are available this Wednesday will not be improved by the day after tomorrow. The cyber-merchant wants to avoid any panic the same day and he has made it known.

To do Black Friday, it’s here:

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Our classification of current offers

Obviously, in the list of Black Friday deals on Amazon above, we have our favorite deals. If this is a totally subjective choice, you will discover in the section below our favorite discounts and the reasons which make us choose them in particular. This list is not exhaustive and will be updated over time according to new offers and breaks.

Since Tuesday, Black Friday has gained even more intensity with a burst of new reductions. Among them, there is the Nintendo Switch which made a sensational entry on Amazon, Cdiscount and Fnac since Wednesday morning. The two online merchants are posting unprecedented prices on the most popular game console of 2021. If you want to save money on this bestseller, don’t delay. The stock is disappearing at high speed.

Also in the category of popular products, there are also Apple computers. Historically for Black Friday, Amazon was the only one to offer some discounts on the Apple brand’s catalog. Today, the reality is quite different. You can find discounts on the latest MacBook Air M1s on Amazon as well as at Cdiscount and Fnac. The version with 256 GB of storage which falls under 1000 euros, it’s crazy.

To continue in high-tech, there are also the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro which are posted in sharp decline on AliExpress. The world leader in e-commerce has indecent offers on the brand’s latest premium smartphones. Compared to their base price, you can save around 60-70% on these models. These percentages of reductions are unprecedented and no rival can do as well. Amazon is 100 to 200 euros more expensive on all models.

We could also talk about Dyson or Roborock vacuum cleaners, Xiaomi smartphones or the various Bose and Sony headsets. Our guide gives you the biggest blockbusters of the moment. There are also many services that are on sale for Black Friday: Amazon is not the only one on the spot. There are plans, antiviruses or VPNs that are priced down by -60% to -80%.

Amazon gives you a break

As the French number one in e-commerce, Amazon must be a hit with Black Friday. For this, he is not only obliged to offer shock discounts (which he does perfectly), but he must also have an irreproachable quality service at all levels. This is also what we find throughout, from the guarantees included on the products through the free delivery in one working day or the right of withdrawal.

Speaking of the latter, Amazon has taken a drastic measure for Black Friday. All your purchases made after November 1 of this year will benefit from a much longer than normal trial period. While she is 30 days by default with him, he extends her to a fixed date – well after the Christmas holidays this time. You will therefore be able to return all your purchases made until January 31.

To make your Black Friday, this is where it happens:

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