Apple derails, its AirPods crumble (it’s not a mistake) 🔥

Without telling anyone, the AirPods 2 have just registered a nice drop in price. Cdiscount is not for nothing.

You probably know it: Apple never discounts on its official website or in its physical stores (Apple Store). If you love the brand’s products but want to pay less for them, you have to turn to a reseller. On the other hand, few have the right to make discounts on the catalog of products of the American. We must therefore fall at the right time and in the right place.

For Black Friday, Cdiscount launched the hostilities on the excellent AirPods 2. With the endorsement of the brand, he just lowered them to 114 euros instead of 179 euros. So that’s over 35% off you can get on these great wireless headphones. In terms of value for money, you are getting a very good deal with this deal.

To see the current offer, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

At Cdiscount, you can buy AirPods 2 as if you had picked them up from an Apple Store. You also have a manufacturer’s warranty on the product, you have the option of delivery within 24 hours and you also have a 14-day right of withdrawal. In the end, you have all the flexibility to make a quick and efficient purchase at a great discount. The stock is however limited.

These AirPods can go very fast

About a month ago, Apple presented its new AirPods 3. Apart from the design and spatial audio, not much has changed compared to the AirPods 2. On the other hand, the price difference is very significant: the most recent are at 199 euros while the old ones are now at 114 euros on Cdiscount. All in all, with a price tag that’s almost half the recent AirPods 3, it’s a steal.

In terms of performance, these AirPods 2 offer quality sound for headphones that are very comfortable in the ears. They differ from the AirPods Pro (which have been released in the meantime) and which incorporate active noise reduction. However, these have silicone tips and this can get in the way of the ears. If you make a lot of calls, it will be 1000 times better to favor AirPods 2 for comfort.

An important parameter for wireless headphones is battery life. Apple gives us a real demonstration here with headphones that last 24 hours without needing to be recharged. These are among the most enduring Bluetooth headphones on the market. This duration includes both the charge included in the two earphones (5 hours) as well as all the charges included in the storage case.

To go into detail, the white case serves as both storage and charging case.When the AirPods 2 are stored in, they charge. It will first (or at the same time) charge the box wired so that it can then recharge the Apple headphones. Everything is simple and intuitive, you won’t even realize that you have to charge the headphones. It is very well done, it is worthy of Apple.

I take advantage of the offer

Finally, we will also highlight the ultra-fast connection between AirPods and various Apple devices. You just have to bring them closer and they are detected and you can hear the audio content directly in your headphones. For other Bluetooth devices (including those under Android, the rival of iOS), you will just have to pair them in the classic way. This is done in a few seconds at most.

Crazy Cdiscount for Black Friday

Since last Friday, Cdiscount officially launched its Black Week. The latter multiplies the strong discounts throughout until Black Friday. Every day, we are entitled to new surprises like this offer on AirPods 2. Clearly, these are crazy discounts on the best deals on the market. There is a risk that AirPods will disappear by Friday. It is therefore better to secure your property now rather than regret it later.

In addition to AirPods, Cdiscount also makes great discounts on other Apple products. This is the case, for example, with the MacBook Air M1, the price of which has just fallen below the 1,000 euros mark. This is the first time since their release that these computers have seen their prices drop so low. The same goes for the iPhone 12 Pro which takes a severe slap on Tuesday.

All these offers, you have to know how to seize them on time otherwise they will disappear. We have already seen dozens of large references arriving out of stock for a few days. For example, we had a very good offer on Bose helmets which came to an end. You might as well take advantage of AirPods 2 because they could be the next on the absent list.

To see the offers on AirPods 2, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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